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7 May 2017
Luna Cast List

We were thrilled to have so many wonderful people audition!  As YSKP is committed to providing opportunities for all who want to participate, we are in the process of expanding parts of the script, a

3 May 2017
Connect to our Google Calendar!

In order to help plan your summer, we've started a Google Calendar for rehearsals.  Right now it just has when and where we rehearse, but we'll update it with who is called as we proceed through rehe

23 Mar 2017
Change to Kroger Rewards

We wanted to share there's been a small change to the Kroger Rewards program.  In the past, every April 1, the program would un-enroll you and you would have to opt back in.  This is no longer the c

21 Mar 2017

YS Kids Playhouse has long received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, both directly and through the Ohio Arts Council.  When the proposed federal budget was released last week, we wer