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YSKP is a one of a kind experience putting youth on the ground floor of an artistic endeavor with big themes and big ideas. The YSKP is unique among Dayton, Springfield, and Miami Valley youth theater in its focus on creating all original works. The ineffable effect of creating all original work includes ownership and the excitement of doing something-playing a part-that none have done before. It’s a step into the unknown, the future, and it engenders the ability and the confidence to creatively reach a goal as a team and a community. Our plays seek to achieve an aesthetic understanding of the complex times in which we live. Whether focusing on social behavior, historical events, teen culture, the environment, or small town life, YSKP productions metaphorically explore the question: How do we live? The YSKP is noted for attracting Dayton area theater audiences through the quality and craft of its young participants. Audiences come from throughout the Miami Valley to enjoy innovative theater at the YS Kids Playhouse.


The mission of the YS Kids Playhouse is to cultivate the development of future actors, leaders, patrons and audiences and to enhance art awareness in our community through arts education programming and the creation of original multimedia theater for youth.


To accomplish this mission, we:

Provide quality theater training for local youth since no formal academic theater education is available in our community.
Fill a niche in the Miami Valley and Dayton area theater spectrum, focusing exclusively on original works that also produce higher-level thinking and learning skills.
Require works to be threaded with contemporary social, cultural, historical, or geopolitical issues and modern media technologies keeping our experience relevant for youth and our community.
Use artists from a multitude of disciplines (visual arts, sculpture, video art, music performance, and dance) providing a variety of arts role models and enriching the quality of the production experience.
Provide partial and full scholarships, thereby enabling all youth to participate.
Produce sophisticated entertainment for all ages that does not condescend to youth, providing quality arts experiences for our community.

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