Item Donations

People ask us all the time if we can use something they are getting rid of.  We love that people think of us, and we can use a lot of things!  But it might not be what you would guess!

We always accept donations of:

  1. Kitty litter, sawdust, wood chips, to help dispose of older paint we are replacing with newer donations.
  2. Pencils.  Turns out being an actor requires taking lots of notes.  And it’s important they are in pencil, because directors change their minds!
  3. Tarps.  We do outdoor theater in Ohio in the summer.  ‘Nuff said.
  4. Extension cords, outdoor grade.  We have to get power to our band and lights! 25′ or more are especially useful.
  5. Clipboards.  We have forms for people to fill out!  And would love for them to have something to write on.

We are currently taking a break from accepting the items below.  We’ll let you know when we have room again.  :

  1. Three ring binders.  Especially in the 1″-2″ range.  We give these to our performers to keep their original scripts in.
  2. Paint.  Have paint left over from painting a room?  We can probably use it.  We only take latex, but will take interior or exterior with any finish.  We especially like bright colors. We’ll take some spray paint.

Have some of the above or something else you think we might be able to use?  Contact us at or (937)767-7800 to see if we’d like it and arrange pick up!