YS Kids PLayhouse is now part of the YS Time Exchange!

This means you can log your volunteer hours in a time bank.

Throughout the year, we need volunteers to help with our events.  But we also have ongoing needs.  Here’s some of what our volunteers help with:

  • Putting together mailings
  • Hanging posters
  • Painting the amphitheater
  • Monitoring rehearsals
  • Lending a truck
  • Organizing our costume and prop storage
  • Writing letters of support for grant applications
  • Writing letters about arts funding to legislatures

We have lots that comes up during the year.  If you are interested in being on our volunteer list, just email us at admin@yskp.org or call (937)767-7800 and we’ll make sure you are on it!  Then we’ll contact you when we have opportunities.

Thank you!

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