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With August 1 comes the end of our 2016, The Hand You’re Dealt, season. Before we start telling you all about our 2017 season (which we’re already working on!), we wanted to look back on 2016 and the awesome year it was.

tiny square zombie high school

Over the winter, we recorded our original serial drama podcast, Zombie High School, in partnership with WYSO.  Every sound the audience hears in this podcast was recorded in WYSO studios and the community.  Every toilet flush.  Every scream.  Every zombie clawing at the door.  We wrote original music.  We recorded the voices of our youth and adult performers.  And then we released the six episodes.  Because this project lives digitally, if you haven’t heard it yet, you can still listen!  Stream it from WYSO, find it on GooglePlay or iTunes.  No matter where you find it, it’s free!

And thanks to the Ohio Arts Council for making Zombie High School possible with an ArtSTART grant!

In the spring, we partnered with our local schools to offer after school (and before school) enrichment classes.  Eleven 1st-3rd graders learned about the basics of performing with Managing Artistic Director Ara G. Beal. Seventeen 3rd-6th graders learned how much fun Improv can be with alum Kayla Graham.


Oh, and we had a dance party!  Thanks Clean Gene for helping us rock out.
(and we were so busy dancing we forgot to take pictures!)


In June, we staged our 22nd original musical, (our 20th in Antioch Amphitheater).  Alice, Although took us back before the Depression for an exploration of political power.  With original music, choreography, beautiful scenic elements and costumes, Alice was one of our best received productions in the last few years.  DVDs and CDs are available if you’d like to relive the magic.  Just contact us (admin@yskp.org or 937.767.7800) to order!



Alice, Although also included our second Arts for All performance, a special event for audiences on the Autism Spectrum.  Over 100 audiences members joined us to support theater for those on the Spectrum.

And thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts for their support of Alice, Although through their Art Works program.

In July, we tackled the intersection of visual art and performance in Off the Wall.  Partnering with the Springfield Museum of Art, our performers spent two weeks learning about and experiencing the art in the museum’s galleries.  They then created performance based on those experiences.  As a pilot program, it was a great success, and we look forward to repeating it with SMoA and other museums in the area.


Off the Wall was also supported with a grant from the Ohio Arts Council, a ArtsNEXT grant for innovative projects.

2016 was fantastic!  And we couldn’t have done it without your amazing support!  If you want to make sure that YSKP is able to continue to offer high quality arts programming for our community, consider making a donation.  It’s easy.  Just click through to our donation page and follow the instructions.

Photo Jun 23, 8 25 55 PM
More to come!  2017 is already looking like a great season….

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