Luna Cast List

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We were thrilled to have so many wonderful people audition!  As YSKP is committed to providing opportunities for all who want to participate, we are in the process of expanding parts of the script, adding some roles and adding additional lines to those who already existed.  

In the meantime, we’ve assigned everyone a role to start with.  As discussed at auditions, each myth will have a separate ensemble that will divide narrator and other lines to help tell the story.  We’ll work on assigning those over the next few weeks.

Here’s what you need to do next:

1.  Email with your name, your assigned role, and if you accept it
2.  If you accept your role, (and we hope you do!) join us at rehearsal, tomorrow Monday, May 8th.  Check your email for more schedule information, but tomorrow everyone will meet at the Presbyterian Church after respective school days for a read thru.

A.  Please bring a snack and your script and a pencil.
B.  Kids at Mills Lawn can walk over. We’ll meet younger kids who need some guidance at the blue Mills Lawn sign outside the office tomorrow.
C.  We can transport kids at McKinney Middle School to the church.  Please email us at if you DO NOT want your student transported
D.  Students at other schools can join us as they are able.
E.  We’ll wrap up at 5 pm.  Kids can be picked up there or we will release them if they are ‘self-transporters.’

And now, what you’ve been really waiting for:

Public Luna cast list


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