Past Shows

Past Shows

Since 1995, YSKP has been producing plays in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Beginning in 1997, we have annually commissioned an original musical from regional and nationally known playwrights including Carlyle BrownPeggy PettittTony DallasGeorge Sand and Louise Smith. Click on the shows below to see the artists involved and description of the show.

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Luminous Luna (2017)

Alice, Although (2016)

The Farm (2015)

Superhuman Happiness (2014)

Gaston Boudreaux (2013)

Mo’s Night at the Opera (2012)

The Cotton Club (2011)

The Conference of the Birds (2010)

A Price to Pay: Before Bond Became 007 (2009)

Frankenstein, or, The Difficulty of Changing One’s Mind (2008)

$ense and Sensibility (2007)

Seven Second Chances (2006)

Paradise Paradox (2005)

Summersglow (2004)

The Monkey King (2003)

Gaston Boudreaux: the Cajun Robin Hood (2002)

Guided By A Star (2001)

Homer Price (2000)

The Arabian Nights (1999)

Bonanza Valley! (1998)

The Oracle’s Mouth (1997)

Harriet the Spy (1996)

Dick Tracy: The Musical


Misplaced on the Moon (2017)

Oceans of Notions (Lakes of Mistakes) (2010)

The Bremen Town Musicians (2009)

The Short & Bloody History of Spies (2009)

Bunnicula: the Vampire Bunny (2008)

The Velveteen Rabbit (2008)

Around the World in Eighty Days (2007)

CSI: YS (2006)

Little Boy: The Peace Play (2005)

The Parrot (2004)

Endurance: The Story of the Shackelton Adventure (2002)

When Bats Could Talk and Birds Could Sing (1997)

Other Projects

Zombie High School: The Podcast (2016)

Off the Wall: performance/art (2016)