Our Mural is Going to be Out of This World

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Back by popular demand!  It’s the campaign to support our amphitheater mural! 

For the past 21 years, YSKP has created an original musical for youth performed in Antioch College’s Amphitheater.  For the past 11 years, these shows have included an original mural painted on the 80ft by 20ft amphitheater wall.  These murals remain after the show closes, serving as a piece of public art until we paint over it for the following year’s production.

This year’s project is Luminous Luna.  The piece, written by Luke Dennis and directed by Ara G. Beal and Melissa Heston, will explore the human fascination with the moon through the retelling of myth and scientific discovery.

Performances are June 22-July 2, 2017 on Antioch’s campus. Rehearsals will begin May 8th.

This year’s mural will again be designed and painted by Pierre Nagley and Travis Tarbox Hotaling.  It will show faces of the moon, as well as some of the animals that feature in the stories we share.  While we haven’t finalized the design yet, we’re sharing a concept sketch.

You can visit our facebook page (www.facebook.com/theYSKP) or our Flickr! page (www.flickr.com/photos/theyskp/) to see images of previous shows and murals.
Total cost for this project is $1,700
$1,000 in artist stipends
$500 in materials
$200 to rent scaffolding


Every dollar counts!

Just $4 buys a paint brush
Only $20 buys a quart of paint
Just $40 buys a gallon of paint


If you’d rather:
Every $1 pays for 1 square foot of the mural.  So, even $1 is a great gift!

Click now to give!


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