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YSKP is thrilled to announce a photo contest to support our 2017 summer musical!

We’ll release the details of our musical in March, but we can tell you it has to do with the moon.  We thought it’d be fun to have a photo contest to help develop the poster, tickets, and other marketing materials for the show!



Send us your photos of the moon between November 1-December 31, 2016 for them to be considered for the contest.

Email them to and name your files with the photographer’s name and the category (ie. JohnSmithMoonrise.JPG).  Email each photo individually, but you only need to submit a signed photo release (yskpphotorelease). 

There are six categories.  You may only enter each category once.  Categories are open to interpretation.

Daytime moon
Moon phases

We must receive a release form (yskpphotorelease) for your photo to be considered.

All entrants will receive one free ticket to our summer musical.


Open to all citizens of the world of all ages, ethnicities, abilities.

You may submit in as many categories as you’d like, but only once per category (choose your best photo).

A photo may only be submitted once NOT for multiple categories.

A photo may not have any text or graphics superimposed onto the photo surface.

You may use image editing software to correct or filter your photos, but you may not add text or other graphics to your submissions.

Photo must be taken by submitter.

All photos must be in JPG format, although photographs may have been shot on film, slide, or with a digital camera.

Each JPG file should include photographer’s name and the category (ie.JohnSmithMoonrise.JPG)

Hard copy photos will not be accepted and will not be returned.

Entries will be accepted via email only, from November 1-December 31, 2016.  Email each photo individually to Release forms (yskpphotorelease) need only be sent once per person entering, not with each photo.  But if release is not received, entry will not be considered.

Submission of online entries is final. Photos cannot be resubmitted.

YS Kids Playhouse reserves the non-exclusive right to use the photographs at their discretion in print, online, displays, and marketing materials.

By submitting your photos, you acknowledge that you have gotten permission from each person who appears in your photos for their image to be publicly shared.

There is no entry fee.

Entries will not be returned.

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