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2 Aug 2017
What’s Next?

We've just finished our 23rd summer season!  And, we're already looking forward to 2018 and 2019 (our 25th season)! We wanted to share some of our

30 Jun 2017
2017 Alumni Night!

Join us for 2017 Alumni Night! All Alumni can see the show for free and are invited on stage to join the cast for a bow at curtain call. Saturday,

22 Jun 2017
Luna Lyrics

The lyrics to the songs in our shows are great!  So, here's our 'liner notes' that allow you to follow or sing along! Simply click the song title

21 Jun 2017
Luminous Luna Opens Tomo

Join us starting tomorrow (Thursday!) June 22-25 and June 29-July 2, 2016 Antioch Amphitheater, 910 Corry Street, Yellow Springs 7:30pm Tickets

7 May 2017
Luna Cast List

We were thrilled to have so many wonderful people audition!  As YSKP is committed to providing opportunities for all who want to participate, we are

16 Mar 2017
Our Mural is Going to be

Back by popular demand!  It's the campaign to support our amphitheater mural!  For the past 21 years, YSKP has created an original musical fo

9 Mar 2017
YSKP announces 2017 and

  The season includes Misplaced on the Moon, a touring show, Luminous Luna: Myth and Imagination, our 23rd original musical, and a yet untitle

1 Aug 2016
Look at all we did!

With August 1 comes the end of our 2016, The Hand You're Dealt, season. Before we start telling you all about our 2017 season (which we're already wor

28 Jun 2016
Alice continues this wee

Alice, Although, our 22nd summer musical, is a story inspired by Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter. While she was young, Ali

28 Jun 2016
Alumni invited to Saturd

As is YSKP tradition, our second Saturday show, July 2, will be alumni night! All alumni are admitted free to the show, invited down onto stage