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Dear YSKP families:

I’ve spoken to a couple of you about this in person, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that there is a different schedule for YSKP this year.  The changes are result of a couple of things, including not competing with Friends Music Camp, not taking the entire summer, and allowing us to do a second project in the summer.  Hopefully, this change will make YSKP participation easier for your families, though, of course, we realize it won’t be perfect for everyone.

Here’s what the schedule looks like:

Auditions April 30 and May 7 (one week earlier so we don’t conflict with Tar Hallow)

Rehearsals for the musical, Alice, Although, will start after school on May 9 from 3-5 pm.  These will be smaller rehearsals, with groups of the cast, not full cast.

Full rehearsals start Tuesday May 30th at Antioch Midwest from 1-5pm Monday-Friday, with the possibility of Saturdays as needed.

Move to Antioch Amphitheater around June 18th, switch to evening rehearsals on the 19th.

Performances June 23-July 3.

Our second project, will consist of two weeks of morning workshops, likely 9a-12n, at the Springfield Museum of Art followed by performances.  It looks like workshops will be July 18 to July 30 with performances the weekends of July 30 and August 5.  This project is a visual art/performance art mash up that is looking like a great opportunity for our performers, artists and audiences.

Performers will be able to indicate their interest in one of the specific projects or in both at auditions.

As always, if you have questions, please feel to contact me or Amy Boblitt, our new Project Support Manager.  You can reach her at amy@yskp.org.  I’ve kept descriptions and information here fairly brief and I’m happy to elaborate.  I love talking about what we have planned!  😉

See you all soon!

Ara G. Beal
Managing Artistic Director

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